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Why Did I Choose To Study Medicine?

  • Hibah Mirza
    Medical Student
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Play video: "I chose medicine because it's so broad that you go into anything."

Medical Student, Hibah, gives 5 reasons why she chose to study Medicine and highlights what makes a good Medical Student, as well as listing some of the more challenging aspects.

Topics covered in this article

1. 0.50 I’ve Always Been Good At Sciences

2. 1.50 I’m A People Person

3. 3.07 Medicine Is A Broad Subject

4. 3.52 Continuous Learning

5. 4.42 It’s Well Respected And Financially Stable

If You Want To Get Into Medicine, Keep The Following In Mind

1. 0.50 I’ve Always Been Good At Sciences

Why did I choose to do a degree in healthcare and specifically medicine?

Number one thing is, I've always been good at sciences, I've enjoyed biology and chemistry ever since I was younger, and so I knew I was going to go into the science route.

I also did really like languages.

I can speak Urdu and Spanish and I loved French, I just loved languages.

And I was really close to doing a language degree, but I just thought with a science degree, I can do a lot more and it's going to broaden my horizons, whereas with a language degree, I thought I can just keep that as a hobby and I can do the on the side.

If you are wanting to do medicine, you do really need to be passionate about sciences and learning about the human body, is something that I'm really interested in. So yeah, that's reason number one.

2. 1.50 I’m A People Person

Number two is, I'm a people's person.

I love talking to people, I love helping people.

Yes, I just mentioned, I really like sciences and I could have just done a biomedical degree or a biology degree etc but that wouldn't allow me to talk to people, directly help them.

Because in medicine you have that, yes, that science aspect, but you also have that communication aspect where you can talk to patients and actually make a difference to their lives directly, and that's something I really wanted to do.

I just love going to placement as well.

We get to talk to patients, find out why they're in hospital, I just love talking.

I will never ever stop talking.

I remember I did my work experience in a care home, and that's when I first realised how much I love talking and how much I love getting to know people.

And I remember our first lecture at medical school, the lecturer was like, "Oh, I know why you all did medicine."

And we were like, "Why?" And he was like, "Because you're all nosy."

And not going to lie, that's low key true.

But you get the point, it's because we love talking to people.

You don't really get that in many other degrees.

3. 3.07 Medicine Is A Broad Subject

Number three, I chose medicine because it's so broad that you go into anything.

You can become a surgeon, a GP, infectious disease, research, literally anything.

All the specialties are so different from each other, and that's what I really wanted in a job, because right now, I'm so undecided on what I want to go into because I literally enjoy everything.

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Some days I'm like, "Yeah, I want to be a surgeon," and then some days I'm like, "GP."

But it's fine because I don't have to decide now.

I've got ages.

I can experience them and I can work in all of them, kind of, when I do my training.

It's just very diverse and you can actually go into whatever you enjoy or whatever you're best at.

4. 3.52 Continuous Learning

Number four.

What I also like about medicine, it's that continuous learning.

And that may not be good for everyone, might not suit everyone, but I really like that we get to just learn things every single day, and you always build on your knowledge.

Even when you're a proper doctor, you're still building your knowledge.

Like a consultant, you're still going to be learning because you're going to see different patients every single day.

It's just a new thing every single day, and I don't want to be doing the same thing every day because that's just boring.

I can't be sitting in an office all day looking at the same screen.

That links in with the point I made before with how diverse medicine is.

So yeah, I will just never be bored.

5. 4.42 It’s Well Respected And Financially Stable

Number five. I don't know if it's a bit controversial to say this, but it's just a well-respected profession, and yes, it's going to be financially good as well, especially in certain countries.

I do want to have a job where I'm financially stable and I just have to rely on myself.

I don't want to rely on my parents or anyone else?

More so, you're going to be guaranteed a job because the world needs doctors, the country needs doctors, they're not going to say no, you're not going to not get the job.

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So you technically are like a hundred percent guaranteed after your degree that you're going to be employed.

And that's really good because compared to a lot of other degrees, you don't have that guaranteed job.

It's a lot of uncertainty after certain degrees.

So it was just nice to know that after this degree, I know I'm definitely going to have a job, because I don't want to be putting in all this effort and then not even get a job.

If You Want To Get Into Medicine, Keep In Mind The Following

I've been saying how amazing medicine is and being a true advocate for medicine, but I just to say to any aspiring medics, yes, it's really hard.

Yes, you have to put a lot of work in.

Yes, it's very time-consuming, it's physically draining, you're going to have long hours, long days at hospital, and it is physically tiring.

And as a Doctor, you're going to have on-calls, you're going to be doing night shifts, it isn't easy.

And yes, I've just said how amazing is, but you just need to know what you're getting yourself into and you have to be truly passionate about this degree.

You're going to also have to make a lot of sacrifices, sacrifice your time, maybe not hang out with your family as much or your friends as much.

It will be very stressful.

If you're really passionate about it, that shouldn't deter you from medicine.

I think that's all I have to say.

That ended on like a deep note, but yes, just so I would answer that "why medicine" question, because so many people ask me, "Why did you even choose to do medicine?"

Those are my main reasons.

I just love this degree so much, and I cannot wait to become a Doctor in a few year’s time.

I think I'm going to end the video here.

That's all I really have to say.

This was a really quick video, but I just thought I would come on here and answer the question.

I will see you in my next video. Bye guys.

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  • Hibah Mirza
    Medical Student

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