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Spire Healthcare is a leading provider of private healthcare, with 39 private hospitals throughout the UK. The company is built on a proud heritage of over 25 years experience of running successful private hospitals. The company was formed from the sale of BUPA Hospitals to Cinven in 2007, followed by the purchase of Classic Hospitals and Thames Valley Hospital in 2008. In July 2014 Spire Healthcare floated on the London Stock Exchange.

For us, it's more than just treating patients, it's about looking after people
As of 31 December 2013, the group employed over 6,900 people nationwide and has more than 3,500 consultants with a substantive practice at the Group's hospitals.

We work with some of the country’s most experienced consultant surgeons and other specialists to deliver tailored, personalised care to our patients, whether funded through medical insurance or paying for their own treatment. We also offer a small proportion of our capacity to treat NHS patients under the government’s Patient Choice scheme.

Experts in Healthcare

Spire Healthcare is committed to the highest quality of patient care and has earned a reputation as a leader in its field. We were the first private hospital provider to publish outcomes data on our website and we have received numerous awards for our clinical quality, financial performance and leadership, as well as our environmental policy.

Patients, consultants and general practitioners trust Spire Healthcare to deliver the exceptional care and commitment they expect from a leading private healthcare provider.

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