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  • 30 January 2018
  • 2 min read

Tips for sticking to your exercise regime

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The New Year often brings people the motivation to get fit, however, after January is over people tend to drop the exercise regime. Physiotherapist Judith Allen offers some top tips on how to make exercise a part of your lifestyle, to help you get fit and stay fit.

A large part of my job involves exercise prescription.

As a physiotherapist, I get the easy bit. I get to write the programme.

The hard bit is for my patients’ completing the programme to get the results they want.

So if you did make a resolution to get fitter this year, the following may help:

Monitor Your Progress

A really easy way to do this is to do a tick chart.

Mark it on your calendar or keep a list on your phone. Wherever you document it, make sure you mark it down and give yourself a target.

Use treats to keep yourself motivated to maintain your plan (just nothing too indulgent to set back your hard work).

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Hire A Personal Trainer Or Join A Gym

If you can afford it, the motivation from a personal trainer or going to the gym can be great.

But if you can't, you could always try other ways to get new ideas for keeping your exercise plans new and interesting.

There are a huge number of fitness programmes you can look up and try online, or try joining a community class which can be cheaper than a gym and rope in a friend to exercise with you.

Plan Your Sessions

Think about what you want to achieve that week, then go out and complete that plan.

Also, think about what type of exercise you enjoy doing.

Do you like the solitude of running and listening to music, or do you like a frantic, energetic group exercise class?

If you think having a team of people around you helps, look around for a team sport in your area that wants new players.

You’re far more likely to stick to it if you enjoy it.

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Make It A Habit

New Year is always a good time to start something fresh, but the best thing to do is make exercise a habit, not just something to take up every January.

Exercise needs to be something you always aim to do to keep healthy.

Have a day or two set aside in the week that works with your schedule, and make exercise a routine for these days.

Good luck if you have started a new fitness programme this year.

Whether it’s running a marathon, or just putting some more activity into your daily life, I hope these suggestions help!

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About the author

As a Physiotherapist, a large part of my job involves prescribing people exercises. I often help patients who have physical difficulties as a result of injuries, illness, disability or ageing to improve their movement. I get the easy part - the hard part is getting my patients to stick to the exercises I prescribe them!

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