• 21 February 2019
  • 5 min read

10 mistakes that I made when studying optometry

  • Ebiye Beedie
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Ebiye talks about the mistakes she made when studying at university. Although she studied Optometry, this can be applied to anyone studying any course at uni!

Play video: Ebiye shares the mistakes she made when studying optometry, to help you to succeed to the best of your ability!

Hey guys it’s Beedie, the channel is MissBeedie and this video is sponsored by HealthJobs.co.uk!

In this video I am going to go over ten mistakes that I made at uni so that you don't make the same ones, so that you don't play yourself, so that your time is better than mine was.

Mistake 1: Leaving things too late

Okay so number one, I would say would be leaving things too late so these are things like revision and coursework.

Basically just not giving yourself enough time to get stuff done and then stressing out because you didn't get stuff done in time.

Mistake 2: Not asking questions

Number two would be not asking questions at the time that I had the question.

I used to kind of think, yeah I'll ask later on and then I just forget and then I'd never know.

So ask questions when you think of the question.

Mistake 3: Getting a job

Number three, I would say would be getting a job.

Not that it's bad to have a job but I found that I had to cut down my hours because it was interfering with revision and work and stuff, especially during exam time.

So maybe don't get a job or get one where you can kind of control the hours that you're doing, so that you're not spending too much time working and not enough time doing uni work.

Mistake 4: Thinking it would be easy

So mistake number four would be I thought it was going to be easy. I thought optometry was gonna be chill, I thought it was gonna be quick - three years in and out, boom-bam that’s me done.

But yeah it wasn't! I don't think anything at uni is easy so do not play yourself, it’s not going to be easy.

Play video: Ebiye shares the 5 things she wishes she knew before optometry.

Mistake 5: Not going into practise

Mistake number five would be not going into practise.

Obviously with Optometry you have loads of practicals you have to do and you've got time where you can actually bring in a friend and go in and practice for a lot of the time.

I didn't actually do that so do that, that will help you!

Mistake 6: Not researching unfamiliar terms

Mistake number six I want to say it was not researching unfamiliar terms.

So if I had something and I didn't really know what it was I wouldn't really go and look it up or check it out and know what it was.

I would just be like, okay yeah, cool…

Mistake 7: Not going through notes

Mistake number seven would be not going through notes.

So I would not go through them after I done them, so like right after or not going through them before.

Some lecturers have the lectures up early and so what I started doing was reading through them maybe like the day before the lecture and even though you may not understand what's going on when you're actually in the lecture things start to seem a bit more familiar.

So yeah, it's like you hear it twice instead of just the one time, you know?!

Mistake 8: Not watching podcasts

Mistake number eight, I want to say was not watching podcasts.

I guess it depends on where you go.

Your lectures are recorded and then they have them on it's like podcasts and I never used to watch them, I just used to be in the lecture or not and then try and do the exam.

So if you have access to the podcast, watch them and it kind of reinforces what the lecturer was going on about and if you miss anything then you can get it.

Also it means in the actual lecture you can just listen instead of like struggling to take notes because you can always take notes when you watch the podcast back.

Mistake 9: Not securing past papers

Mistake number nine was not securing past papers.

Right so I learned this pretty early on because past papers will have you lit! Past papers are the plug yeah, so find past papers.

Sometimes they'll have them available readily, sometimes you need to finesse and find them but find past papers secure fast papers and your life will change for the better, I promise you!

Mistake 10: not booking study spaces

Mistake number ten I would say was not booking study spaces in time.

Study spaces are cool because you can be with people that are doing your course and revise together or you can be with like your friends, even if you are in different courses and all just be revising in the same space so you're not bored in the library.

Especially during exam time those spaces get booked up quickly and you can't always like finesse and slide in one.

So book them early, make sure you've got them and and also usually you can only book it for a certain amount of hours so you'll go with your friends you book two hours they put two hours the next one books two hours and then you have the whole day.

Alright, so that was 10 mistakes I made at uni.

I studied optometry which is where most of these are totally related but you can apply them to any course that you're on.

I'm making this video so you guys do not play yourself and make the same mistakes that I made but I hope it's been helpful!

Subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and I will see you in the next one! 

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